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Work Inspired by Stories…

Multi-Award-Winning Piece,

“Wish You Were…”

“When a partner has passed, the person left behind will often reminisce on their past experiences. Often, I hear, ‘I wish they were…’ This piece is a frozen memory from the surviving member’s past, simply wishing they could go kayaking again. It’s a beautiful and splendid thing to share a life with someone whom you admire.” ~ Gregory Millslagle

Gregory’s watercolor and oil paintings provide a moment to pause and reflect upon what the viewer is experiencing. What moves a person is personal to the individual. There isn’t a correct answer – his intention is simply to provoke thoughts and feelings.

Soft Surrealism


“They’re Not People, They’re Customers!”

“In our haste to push for increased sales and lower overhead, we see companies that have lost sight of the customer. The clerks no longer see or treat customers as humans – they are not people, they’re  just another thing that they have to endure to get through the day.”

~ Gregory Millslagle

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Upcoming Show:

July 23rd through September 15th, 2024

Cultural Art Center at Glen Allen, Richmond, VA

Recent Awards:

2024 “Wish You Were…” Merit Award – 11th Annual Art Speaks Exhibition, Bay School Community Art Center, Mathews, VA

2023 Peoples Choice Award, Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center

2023 Honorable Mention, Williamsburg Contemporary Art Exhibition Juried Show

2022 Best in Show, Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center Juried Exhibition

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